Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences

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8. Previous Examinations

Graduate School (Program) Browsing Photocopy Postal Delivery Contact Direct Phone Number
Pure and Applied Sciences Academic Service Office for the Pure and Applied Sciences Area +81 29.853.7296
Mathematics Administration Office for Mathematics +81 29.853.4235
(note 3)
Administration Office for Physics +81 29.853.4277
Chemistry Administration Office for Chemistry +81 29.853.6505
Applied Physics Administration Office for Applied Physics +81 29.853.5443
Materials Science Administration Office for Materials Science +81 29.853.5443


  1. As for how to get past examination questions by mail and about the cost, contact direct phone number above.
  2. To browse past examination questions or obtain a photocopy, contact direct phone number above in advance.
  3. Refer to HP (