Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering

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Master’s Programs

Special Provision on Educational Method Stipulated in Article 14 of the Standards for Establishment of Graduate Schools

Education provided under special provision

  1. Along with the progress of science technology and the sophistication of society, there are increasing demands for re-education of working individuals at graduate schools. In response to these demands, Article 14 of the Standards for Establishment of Graduate Schools stipulates that graduate schools may, if necessary from an educational standpoint, provide education through appropriate means, which include conducting classes or research guidance in the evening and other certain hours and periods.
    This stipulation provides more working individuals with opportunities to receive graduate school education while in employment and to develop the knowledge and skills to assume leadership roles in educational research and practice. Under Article 14 of the Standards for Establishment of Graduate Schools, master’s and doctoral programs in the University of Tsukuba Graduate Schools, which has achieved in fostering skilled professionals and re-educating working individuals, has introduced a day/evening course system to enhance education and research activities.
  2. Requirements to complete the program
    Requirements to complete the programs under the application of this special provision are as follows.

    [Master’s Program at Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering]
    1. (1)Complete day courses [including compulsory subjects] and courses provided under Article 14 in the master’s program or the other programs as required within the standard two year period.
    2. (2)At the beginning of academic year, consult with the academic supervisor, chair and provost, and obtain approval in advance.
    3. (3)Courses provided under Article 14
      Category Courses (Credits) Programs
      Major Subjects
      Foundation Subjects for Major
      Take Seminar and Research (8 – 12 credits) as the master’s program required. Each master’s program
      Major Subjects
      Adaptive Systems (2credits)△
      Advanced Biological Cybernetics (2credits)△
      Autonomous Mobile Robotics (2credits)
      Topics in Intelligent Interaction Technologies I – V (Each 1credit)*
      Intelligent Interaction Technologies

      • Courses marked with * are intensive courses and so on.
      • Courses marked with △ are for working individuals at Master’s Program in Intelligent Interaction Technologies. Each course will be conducted in every two years.
        For the detail, contact the chair of the program in Intelligent Interaction Technologies (