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General Admission Examination for Ph.D. Program in Empowerment Informatics (First Year Enrollment)
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6. Screening Criteria

Screening Criteria

We will determine the students to be admitted by evaluating the submitted documents and their academic skills as a whole.

Examination Site

For the applicants living in Japan: University of Tsukuba
For the applicants living overseas:
The remote examination will in principle take place by connecting the applicants outside Japan and the examiners in Tsukuba via Skype or Polycom.
Details will be arranged once the web entries close.

Examination Schedule and the Subjects

Examination day: October 31, 2018 *Refer to Note 1

  Application Document Screening
(100 points)
Oral Examination (200 points in total):
1) Research Plan (100 points)
2) Career Plan (100 points)
Ph.D. Program in Empowerment Informatics Your academic skills will be assessed based on all your information and documentation submitted. The examination takes the form of an interview and a presentation.
You will be asked to offer a presentation about your research plan (5 minutes) and career plan (5 minutes) followed by a Q & A session (10 minutes).

*Refer to Note 2


  1. 1.The examination time will in principle be determined by the University after the web entries close.
  2. 2.The following items are what you need to provide/bring for taking the examination.

  3. What to send to us before your examination:
    A PDF file of your presentation slides at least two days prior to your examination day

    * Your PowerPoint presentation slides should have white backgrounds. The size of the presentation slides should not exceed 5MB.

    What to bring to the venue:

    1. 1)A copy of your Reference Card
    2. 2)Your laptop to use for your presentation