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General Admission Examination for Ph.D. Program in Human Biology Program (January)
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Application Process Overview Chart

Check your Eligibility!
(A) No eligibility screening is required for the following individuals:
  • Individuals who have graduated from, or who are expecting to graduate from, a Japanese four-year university
  • Individuals who have graduated from a university outside Japan that implements 16 or more years of school curriculum up to university graduation, and earned a bachelor’s degree, or individuals who are expecting to graduate from such a university and earn a bachelor’s degree by March 2019
  • Others(If you have any questions about your eligibility, send us an email.)
(B) Eligibility screening is required for the following individuals:
  • Individuals who have graduated from, or are expecting to graduate from, a junior college or upper secondary school
  • Individuals who have graduated from, or are expecting to graduate from, a vocational school or similar school
  • Individuals who have graduated from, or are expecting to graduate from, a university of a foreign country that implements less than 16-year school curriculum
  • Others(If you have any questions about your eligibility, send us an email.)
Assessment of Eligibility for Application
Email us to obtain necessary documents by November 2, 2018. If you are deemed eligible for admission, you will be given a passcode needed on the Web Entry System.
Applicants Who Need Special Assistance
If you need special assistance due to disability, contact us by November 2, 2018.
Web Entry
You can apply to the University of Tsukuba online by our Web Entry system. Read guidelines carefully before applying.
Submission must be made during: November 9 (from 10 a.m. JST) – December 10, 2018 (by 5 p.m. JST)
Sign Up
First, you will need your own account to login. Once you make an account, you may save the data you entered and log back in later to continue.
When you sign up, activation email will be sent to your email address registered. Click the activation URL on the email to activate your account.
For the first time after the activation, you’re already logged in. Just click on “Login” button to begin. When you visit our Login page the second time or later, enter your email address and password to login.
My Page
At the “My Page”, you need to click on the “Application Form” button.
On the page, you can edit your login information or reset password.
Application Form
There are four sections in the Application Form.

  1. Applicant’s Information
  2. Course Information/ Preferences
  3. Eligibility
  4. Educational Background

Each section will be saved when you click on “Proceed to ***” button on each confirmation page. After saving, you can continue from where you left off when you login back.

On “1. Applicant’s Information,” upload your ID photo in JPEG format.

On “3. Eligibility,” describe your motivations for the application, academic/non-academic background, study plan(s), and future career plan(s) within 1,000 words in English.

On “4. Educational Background,” applicants who have graduated from a university outside Japan are required to upload their degree certificate in JPEG format, which is one of the documents to be submitted. (Since each country has different education systems, we need to confirm their eligibility for application.)

Click here for details on information, certificates and supporting documents required for application.

You can submit your application by clicking “Submit to Apply” button. Once you click on the button, the information you have entered will be sent to the University, and you will not be able to go back to edit. Make sure to double-check before proceeding.
Print Generated PDF Documents
After clicking on the “Submit to Apply” button, “Reference Card” and “Address Sheet” will be generated in PDF for printing.

Web Entry

Submission of Certificates and Supporting Documents
Submit originals of all required certificates and supporting documents to University of Tsukuba by registered mail by December 10, 2018.
Click here for details.
Document screening
We will determine the students to be admitted by evaluating the submitted documents.
Announcement of Result for Document Screening
Announcement of document screening result: December 25, 2018
On the same day, HBP office will send you a notification of result for document screening.

You must pay the examination fee before submitting your application. The University can accept:

  1. online credit card payment for both domestic and overseas applicants
  2. convenience store payment for domestic applicants only.

*The applicants who have received MEXT scholarship are exempted from paying the fees.

Web Entry
Applicants who have passed the document screening must submit the payment information via the Web Entry System.
Payment information can be submitted during the period: December 25, 2018 (from 12 p.m. JST) – January 4, 2019 (by 5 p.m. JST)
Log in with the same e-mail address and password as at the time of application.
My Page
Click on the “Payment Information” button to go to the next stage.
Entry of Payment Information
Put your payment number on the box.

Please look at more information.


After the payment is confirmed, you can submit your application by clicking “Submit Payment Information” button.

Print Examination ID Card
After clicking on the “Submit Payment Information” button, “Examination ID Card” will be generated in PDF for printing.
Information and Hints for Examinees
An instruction for the examination will be sent by email after document screening.
Announcement of Admission Results
February 13, 2019
The application IDs of successful applicants will be posted on our website on February 13, 2019.
Acceptance letters will be sent to the successful applicants. The letters will be posted by express mail to the applicants residing overseas or by registered mail to those residing in Japan.
Documents for Enrollment
Enrollment related documents will be sent out from the admission office on the middle of February.
Procedure for Enrollment
In the beginning of March 2019
April 1, 2019