Degree Programs in Comprehensive Human Sciences

Master’s Program (Medical and Health Sciences/ Nursing Science)

1. Number of Students to be Admitted

[August Selection Process]

Program Number of Students to be Admitted Remarks
Nursing Science 15 The number includes a few foreign exchange students, and who are admitted through the Special Selection Process for Working Individuals.
  • Time of entrance is April.

2. Eligibility for Application

Those who wish to apply for the “Special Selection Process for Working Individuals” must or will have at least three years of working experience (in aggregate) in fields related to health, medical care and welfare by the time of entrance.

  • Individuals who have graduated or who will graduate from a Japanese four-year university by March 2023
  • Individuals who have earned or will earn a bachelor’s degree in Japan by March 2023
  • Individuals who have completed or expect to complete a 16-year school education curriculum in a foreign country by March 2023
  • Individuals who have been designated by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  • Individuals who have been recognized by the University of Tsukuba Graduate School through the eligibility screening to have academic ability equivalent or superior to a university graduate and will be 22 years of age or older by March 2023
  • Others