Admission Guidelines for Graduate Admission 2023 (Additional Recruitment)
Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba and Graduate School of Physical Education, National Institute of Fitness and Sports in KANOYA

Joint Master’s Program in International Development and Peace through Sport

5. Application Procedures

  1. Prepare all the application documents specified in the List of Application Documents, and mail them by registered express mail. (Applicants can also submit documents by hand.)
  2. Application submission period
    Friday January 6, 2023 – Thursday January 12, 2023, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
    You can also submit documents by hand.
    (This deadline is strictly enforced. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.)
  3. Where to submit

    Admissions Section, Educational Affairs Office, National Institute of Fitness and Sports in KANOYA
    1 Shiromizu, KANOYA, Kagoshima, 891-2393 Japan (Phone: +81-994-46-4869)
    Map URL:
  4. Admission Ticket for examination will be sent out on Thursday, January 19 to the applicants whose application documents have been accepted.
    If the Admission Ticket does not arrive by Monday, January 23, contact the university you have applied to.
  5. Notes on application submission
    1. Make sure before submitting that all the required documents are prepared and required items are completed.
      Otherwise the application may not be accepted.
    2. Submitted documents and examination fee will not be returned.
    3. If you have any questions about the curriculum or research fields, contact the office. Contact information can be found in “11. Contact Us.”